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Augment Your Life with HoloLens III - Filtering


One thing I love about working with Jayway is that if you have a genuine interest it is always easy to gather a bunch of colleges/friends and start creating. This is a three-part series about how we got creative around augmented reality. This last part we will filter out the best ideas for concept building.

Augment your life with HoloLens I – idea and planning
Augment your life with HoloLens II – showtime
Augment your life with HoloLens III – filtering

Filtering out the first idea

In design thinking, a reoccurring diagram is the double diamond seen here to the right.

For this particular workshop we are at the second diamond, the the develop and deliver phase. We have already been through the divergence part and used some of the various tools available to us to expand and explore a lot of our wildest ideas. 

Now it’s convergence time, we have to deliver, so next up we focus on selecting a few (good) ideas among the 200-250 ideas that have appeared so far. As in the divergence, there are tools to use in convergence as well; clustering, dot voting, filtering, etc.

For this session we used filtering, and there are three criteria we normally want an idea to have viable, feasible, desirable. In  this case we translate this to a specific filter:

  • Can we pitch it to a client of ours?
  • Are we able build it now or in the forseable future?
  • Will the idea give us some good PR?

So what passed through this set of filters? It turns out quite a few ideas was worth looking into. Some may just pass one or two filters but depending on the scenario, we can pick a priority of these filters and go forward with a concept even if, for example, we can pitch it to a client. 


There are two angles of the HoloPerformer, and here you have to imagine the future 4-5 years out where the HoloLens is shrunken down to the size of glasses.

  • The first is to be able to enter a theater and see various performances that have taken place. Slide up and down through time. much like a time machine. This can also be applied to historical places. Imagine entering the Coliseum and watch the gladiators perform or the preparation of a sea battle
  •  The second is to gain the view <span style="font-weight: 400;">of the performer, see the audience, augmented Karaoke. Sing like Pavarotti in front of a great audience when visiting a theater. As performer you can also get prompted like an augmented teleprompter with a live A&amp;Q system for real performances.


This can be made to work with todays equipment. Put on the gear, call a decorator, designer or sales representative. Now let them guide around the room as it looks now. Then let them get to work and suggest and place furniture all around.

Now you can directly see how that lamp will look like together with your couch, is the dining table gonna fit in that area? How about that kitchen, how will a new counter top fit the current doors? Can I even fit that sink with my current plumbing?


Next up is a bit more on the serious. We imagine using the HoloLens during training and assessing risk and crisis. Participants could see and be part of a scenario and act depending on what happens. It would be possible to add and simulate lots of critical scenarios in your current environment. How would you handle a fire in your own kitchen or a hostage situation at a bank?


The last one to make it through the filters was the HoloWorkout. This one is also a bit further into the future, I can't quite imagine running around with a HoloLens on my head. But the idea goes like this: Think of a ghost runner, a coach running beside you or even you running  against yourself. Beat yourself, get coaching and pep talks, help keeping pace . Other sports can help you with details; angles at the pool tables or, with some extra tracking devices, lead me to my lost golf balls.

So this completes this series of posts and I hope you all found it useful.

Next up for us at Jayway, will be to start build one of these ideas, sketching and creating the experience. Do some prototyping and hopefully we can return soon with a new series of posts on that work.

Cheers // Håkan

Håkan Reis