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Design: Thoughts for 2017

Designers have been surfing the progressive wave of simplistic design for years now and finally, that wave seems to have crashed, revealing a fresh new era of authenticity, not seen since the 90’s.

Debranding. The Future of Branding.

A monumental shift is occurring in how companies are communicating with their customers. Debranding pushes away from the norm of branded products to focus more on the people behind the products and those who recommend it. Instead of brands, real people and real tones of voice will become the interface between consumers and products again.

The brand that screams the loudest no longer commands the most attention; the one that offers something genuinely useful does.  I would even go so far to say that the simple, stripped down brands are shining amongst a sea of distinctively, over branded products.

Image by Antrepo

Image by Antrepo

Image from Digital Media World

Image from Digital Media World

Next generation tools leading UX & UI development.

We have long relied on Photoshop & Illustrator to tackle all our design needs, but with a mobile-first mentality paving the way, they are quickly being replaced by specialised tools like XD by Adobe, Sketch, Framer and Invision that were created primarily with UX & UI in mind. These newcomers are so intrinsically connected to the way designers work today that they are must-have apps in a designer’s arsenal.


VR & AR 2.0

Immersive experiences such as augmented and virtual reality have long been in a form of limbo for quite some time, falling short in every criterion (tech, UX & UI). A bright spark of hope occurred the moment Pokémon Go hit the streets and became an overnight success, muting all the naysayers of the world. Can Magic Leap’s product continue this momentum?

Image from Adobe Summit 2017

Image from Adobe Summit 2017


Motion Design

The importance of creating thoughtful and responsive movement is becoming the norm. Brands use it as an extension of their personality, conveying what has traditionally been seen as boring into dynamic experiences for users to lose themselves in.


A return to authenticity

Change is being led by technology and it’s counterpart, design, needs to constantly meet that need and evolutionary change.

Note to self for 2017: Create experiences that are emergent, unscripted, and unique.