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Robocar Rally - Machine Learning 1-day Hackaton

Interested in Internet of Things, Machine Learning and coding?

Robocar Rally?

Behavioral cloning? Deep learning? Still reading? Yes!

You should come explore and learn in our 1-day hackaton driving and training autonomous RC-cars.

You'll be divided up in teams, each given a car to race against the other teams. The car is prepared with an untrained CNN (neural network), and your task is to prepare the car to connect to the AWS IoT service, and then drive and train it using AWS Sagemaker.

There will be crash courses on the different topics throughout the day to help you get started, and instructors to ask if you get stuck.

We'll touch on topics such as:

  • Driving RC cars
  • Deep learning & behavioral cloning
  • AWS Sagemaker service
  • Tensorflow and Keras
  • AWS IoT service
  • Big data and visualization
  • Programming in python
  • Linux & Raspberry pi:s