Changing the name of a Windows 8 Store app

The name of a Windows Store app can be changed, and it’s quite easy to do. Here I’ll walk you through the steps and show you how it’s done.


1. gamla appen

We have a JayLabs-app (JayLabs is our playground account where we publish internal apps that are not showcase quality) called Rater that we’d like to rename to Vote Collector.  What we want to see is this flow:

An update is available:

2. uppdatering av gamla appen


The app has after the update a new name:

3. nya appen installerad

And searching for the app in the Store shows the new name:

4. sökning på företaget med ny app ute


How it’s done

To accomplish the name change we have to

1. Reserve the new name

2. Change the app name

3. Change the package name

Reserve name

As with the initial release of a Windows Store app – the name has to be reserved. You can read all about app naming in the docs. This screenshot shows the after-result of this little exercise – after the name change has taken place. As you can see the current name of the app cannot be deleted, but the other can.

app name menu

app naming

Change app name

The name of the app that will appear on the tile is called ‘display name’ and lives under the Application UI tab of the app manifest.

display name

Change package name

The name of the package, the name that appears in the Store, is called ‘package display name’ and lives under the Packaging tab.

package display name



Changing the name of an app can be done, but requires the new name to be reserved. After the app has been renamed and published as the new name, the old name can be deleted and hence released to the world.


Happy (re-)naming Smile


/Andreas Hammar


  1. Carlos

    Hi, how can I change package name? (3 step)
    In Visual Studio only I can change the package display name, but if i change the package name field, it says me an error

    • Hi Carlos,

      confusing title on step 3, sorry. You’re only supposed to change the package name, that’s enough!

      • Carlos

        Ok, thanks. I changed only the display name and is only for Title. As you say I have to change “package display name” for change the name on the store, thanks a lot.

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