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Secure JMS, Spring and WebLogic – a One Click Workaround

In our current assignment we are building a messaging based integration solution using Spring Integration and deploying it on WebLogic. In general, this has been quite a good experience as Spring Integration is a pleasant framework to work with from a developer’s perspective and the customer is happy that it will be rolled out on WebLogic as this is their strategic platform. When it was time to implement the requirement for secure JMS (meaning authentication and authorization) we were sure…

Using the Sparrow Framework with MonoTouch

Hosting your own Source & Symbol Server

Notes and Thoughts from a Great Conference

Collective note taking – More value from your test notes?

A nice, basic log4net setup

Deploying a Clojure web app on Heroku

Heroku is a cloud application platform for Ruby/Rails and Node.js. However, the Cedar stack on Heroku makes it possible to deploy other types of applications. In this blog entry, I will first describe how to write a simple Clojure web app using the Ring library and the build tool Leiningen. Then I will show how to deploy this Clojure web app on Heroku, using nothing but Git. I will make a change and see how to deploy that. I will also show how to easily roll back to a previous release.

Tips from Rails Anti-Patterns

Is your REST assured?

A couple of months ago I introduced a new open source Java framework for simple automated testing of REST/HTTP services called REST Assured. A lot of things have happended to the framework since then and it’s now better than ever. In this blog I’m going to summarize some of the most important new features that have been added since the last blog post. Easy parsing of the response body JSON Let’s assume that a REST service at localhost:8080/json returns: As…

WP7 build error ‘Xap packaging failed’

Subversion + Mercurial = True