TechDays 2011 Web Debriefing

During the last two days of TechDays 2011 in Örebro, with the tagline ‘the Cloud story’, the term HTML5 was as frequently mentioned by speakers on some tracks as the word cloud was in other.

Team .NET Web was represented by Gustaf (@gustaf_nk), Per (@per_okvist) and Karl (@herradriansson), with a session about our views on modern web development. In this session we discussed HTML5, client architecture and ASP.NET MVC 3, among other related subjects.

In this post, as promised during the session, we will list and comment on some of the frameworks and utilities mentioned.


We touched on several server frameworks in addition to the usual suspects.

Fubu MVC

HTML5 today

Since the current features in HTML5 is implemented in different priorities browser to browser, we need some help of feature detection libraries and resources.

HTML5 Readiness
Graceful Degradation and Progressive Enhancement


A good part of the session was spent on good practices about JavaScript architecture.

JavaScript Module Pattern: In-Depth
Javascript Module Pattern with jQuery
jQuery Templates
An early look at jQuery UI Grid in ASP.NET


Some of the frameworks used in the demo case was fetched using NuGet.


Compiled client code

We discussed the possibilities with richer languages that compile to either CSS or JavaScript. Even though we didn’t have time to show any usages of these during the session, we think that usages of such frameworks will increase in the near future.



Thank you for stopping by at our session and a big thank you to the TechDays staff for moving the session to a bigger room due to high demand.

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  1. [...] presentation was first delivered on Techdays 2011, and we recommend you to look at that blog post first. Below, you'll find some additional links to topics covered during some of the presentation [...]

  2. We’re happy that you liked the presentation! :)

    Please mail me at “gustaf dot nk at jayway dot com” if you want me to send the demo code to you.

  3. Mattias says:

    Great presentation at TechDays! I would also like the demo app, if posible. Especially nice with the templating and module pattern. JavaScript quite easily becomes a mess if you don’t have a good system for how to use it.

  4. Erik says:

    I’d also be interested in the demo app. Great demo!

  5. Martin says:

    Thanks for a great demonstration.

    It would be pretty awesome if you could share the code for the small app you showed us. Some things went a bit fast and it would be great to have the possibility to look a bit closer into the code.

  6. [...] Developing Web Applications with HTML5 and ASP.NET MVC3 (Gustaf Nilsson Kotte, Charles Adrian Peterson, Per Ökvist) It started off well! With 20 minutes before the sessionstart there was no seats left. Far too small room when you saw the amount of people outside. Microsoft’s “officials” worked, however, really fast and soon, like a tsunami, 500 visitors walked down the stairs at Conventum to a room more suited for the large demand. In the end we got a quite cool review of various tools for developing great web applications using ASP.NET MVC3, HTML5 and bunch of JavaScripts. A list of tools just popped up on Twitter: [...]

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